Erica HirschMeet Erica with Happy Family Jams. You can find her delicious jams and other Alaskan made products at the Willow Farmers Market.

Hi. My name is Erica Hirsch. I grew up in Seattle, Washington immersed in the culinary scene. With weekly visits to the Pike Place Market, and enjoying my Mother’s cooking from our extensive garden, good food and creativity are in my blood.

Later on, I got into the restaurant industry, and eventually got my culinary degree at Le Cordon Bleu. I’ve cooked in various restaurants over the last 17 years, mostly in Alaska, as well as camp cooking out in the Alaskan bush.

I chose to focus my attention on making jams in small batches when I was carrying my son, and Happy Family Jams was born. He is now almost 5 and my business has grown and evolved as well. From my roots in Seattle many years ago I learned about foraging. I’ve always been fascinated with plant identification and edible and medicinal uses. My focus is on using the bounty of Alaska plants that God has blessed us with, to create delicious preserves, healing balms, and comforting teas. It always makes me most happy to be able to share these things and see people smile.

I am always looking to learn more and expand my skill set. One day it would be nice to cook out of my own remote lodge. I love the true Alaska; the wild, the quiet, the beauty.