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The mission of the Willow Farmers Market is to provide the Willow area with fresh, locally grown or crafted products and to provide an outlet where local farmers, producers, and artisans can sell their products.

This Mission supports and strengthens the Willow Comprehensive Plan, a document describing the community’s vision for its future developed by the Willow Area Community Council. A major goal in the chapter on economic development is to “Encourage local agriculture and sale/consumption of local agriculture products.” 

The Willow Farmers Market recently completed the 9th season of being the only venue to consistently support this goal in the Willow Comprehensive Plan. The market is a low-cost outlet for budding entrepreneurs to sell goods and a venue for local residents to gather socially.


  1. Provide the Willow area with fresh, locally grown products.
  2. Encourage local growing and production of food products by providing an outlet for local growers to sell their products.
  3. Strengthen the “community” of Willow by encouraging producers and consumers to work together for the common good.
  4. Reduce dependence on distant food sources.

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We would like to thank the following organizations for supporting the Willow Farmers Market. The Market has continued operations through the generous support of WACO, the Alaska Fermers Market Association, the USDA, Newman’s Tesoro, Mat Valley Federal Credit Union, Spenard Builders Supply, Willow Lions Club, Animal Food Warehouse, Anderson Enterprises, the Agricultural Extension Service, and many, many local volunteers.

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