The Willow Farmers market has been in operation for seven years with Dean Davidson, our capable and dedicated market manager, running the show. Last fall Dean announced his retirement, an event we both anticipated but regret as his leaving marks the end of an era for the Willow Farmer’s Market. We wish him happiness and good fortune in his adventures and thank him for his service to the community.


Reflection on Past Work and Achievements

With the end of any era it’s good to take time to reflect on our past work towards:

  • creating a local outlet for fresh foods and products
  • encouraging local entrepreneurship in growing and production
  • strengthening the community through increased connections
  • reducing our dependence on distant food sources.

Market attendance has grown steadily over the last five years from 3,312 in 2013 to 3,764 in 2017 with over thirty vendors. Rain or shine the weekly Friday market is now an established part of many local residents and regular commuters routines with an average of over 300 visitors every Friday.


Looking Ahead

Looking forward to 2018 and beyond we look to the future with optimism about what we can achieve over the next 5 – 10 years. Can we include weekly how-to demonstrations or educational workshops to draw more visitors? Will there be even more market-side entertainment? Could there be expansion to the Caswell / Sheep Creek area? Maybe use of technology can support weekly ordering for regular market attendees? Anything is possible with a dedicated team working together to support a thriving Willow community market.

An important piece of this next era will be the recruitment and training of a dedicated Market Manager. Dean will be very hard to replace but we are confident that among our Willow area friends and neighbors is a future manager with vision and enthusiasm for our mission. Could you be that person?


Are You A Future Market Manager?

If you want to:

  • connect with your neighbors
  • encourage healthy eating with local fresh produce
  • support economic growth in Willow with farmers, artisans and small businesses
  • help create a collective vision and future market goals
  • be a catalyst in your community for wholesome activities

Take a few minutes to explore this page and downloads. If you have questions send us a note at or call Teri at (907) 227-8327.